About Jaime

Jaime Hope McArdle is a violin teacher, performer, horsemanship coach, and blog writer in the rural mountains of Virginia. Since childhood she filled volumes of journals processing the influences that have shaped her life and has a particular interest in the unseen spiritual underpinnings of everyday events.

After completing a Masters of Music in violin performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of music, Jaime worked in the Bay Area a few years then in 2007 traded the city life for one of the least populated areas in the state of Virginia to work at the Garth Newel Music Center. Here she founded the Allegheny Mountain String Project, a privately funded youth music education program and is adjunct professor of violin and chamber music at Washington & Lee University. 

In a county with no stoplights and 85% national forest, Jaime fell in love with horses and has a small herd of three mares: Ireland’s Khaleesi a locally bred grade horse she started as a four year old and competes in equine endurance events, Wyoming a wild mustang who is constantly teaching her more of the nature of horses, and Redemption’s Hope who is a sweet little rescue quarter horse.

Working with horses inspired her to write about the journey to a single-day 100 mile endurance race (greento100.com) and on the Hope Horsemanship blog to chronicle how the process of starting and training a horse has influenced her view of God and the world.

As a Sunday school kid with a prayer warrior mom, Jaime spent most of her life on the run from God to seek her own way. After two failed marriages she came to the end of her own road and finally challenged the creator to make himself known in a way she could understand. He led her one day at a time from being a prisoner of her own self into a freedom to goes beyond outside circumstances and her life has never been the same. She continues to champion this freedom to anyone seeking it and is also deeply concerned for those who are physically in bondage to human trafficking and slavery today.