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With chapters titled A Danger to the Gates of Hell, and Freedom Fighter Jaime uncovers the spiritual battle raging under the surface in the world around us and challenges women to reconsider what being in prison looks like and to find the courage to try the door because it cannot be locked. In The Healing and Daughter of a King she walks through revelation of a true identity that is the right of every woman who will Choose This Day. This new identity defies the cultural norms for women with The Greatest Love of All and calls women to see their power is not in becoming more like men or in manipulation through sexuality. She encourages the power to change the Operating Systems that directs every day life and challenges to accept a new Assignment to see life as a daily adventure to bringing love, forgiveness, grace and freedom to a world growing darker each year. Finally the assurance of Getting It Wrong to know the promise is God will have his way and as we attempt to follow his call on our life we can make mistakes and learn. In our triumphs and failures his grace brings all things together for our good. We can walk confidently through difficult seasons knowing who we are and whose we are.

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