Reviews for Jael

What others are saying about the Jael Finishing School

“Powerful message for the current World. Uncompromised trust in the mission coupled with patience in the timing of God’s plans allows an evolution to uncompromised strength. From powerless to warrior princess, Jaime takes you through her quest for a real God centered life and a deeper understanding of his potential purpose in your life. I have shared my book on. You should read this book.”

So Good I Finished in One Sitting
— “Uphill”

“This book is directed primarily towards women but is a distillation of wisdom for all those facing great emotional and spiritual crises. Ms. Macardle shows us that we have the choice to align ourselves with Christ, who will never fail to bring us through life’s darkest times.!”

Wisdom for Enduring a Life Crisis

“Chapter 6 about changing your “operating system” was my favorite. Wonderful reminders to take with you each day to improve your walk with God! The audio version was easy to listen to.”

Inspirational- great audio version

“Seeing the number of pages of this book, I thought, this will be a nice quick read for our upcoming cruise. I started reading while sitting on the observation deck of the ship. At page 18 I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and stopped to meditate. On page 23, I again stopped and began silently praying behind my face mask for my family and whoever the Lord brought to mind. Not a quick read, this book is one to savor allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and mind.”

Training for Warriors
— Alan

“It seems the closer we get the more oppression we have. I find it more necessary than ever to pray on the armor of God. All throughout this book, I was encouraged about standing strong, drawing closer and living my life for my Savior! Chapter 12 laid out more about spiritual armor with encouraging verses all throughout the Bible to apply. I was very encouraged to meditate and apply the verses. Let us not forget who wins in the end!”

Encouraged to Stand Strong

“Jamie’s vulnerability and passion for the King was challenging to me in a good way. I love how she explains the unseen battle between darkness and light, and her point that there is no neutrality.Her words about having a peace treaty with darkness in the hopes that they’ll leave you alone greatly impacted me.
I can see times in my life where I was subconsciously doing that and her personal stories about that prison helped me find greater freedom and peace.

Powerful Encouraging Read